Family Recipes

Family Recipes




For many years, we talked about publishing a family cookbook. The problem is that it made us all so hungry, we stopped to eat and
nothing ever got done! However, we all agreed that a book of our collective family recipes would be a wonderful addition to the organization.
Beginning with this page, are some of the family recipes we all grew up with. We are not quite sure at this time, what form and outline our "virtual" cookbook will take, but we do know the words will smell delicious. Our goal and ambition is to not limit ourselves with just traditional Lebanese food, but to expand into the varieties of dishes that Lebanese cuisine has become an intregal part of. For example: if you've never spread hummus on a flour tortilla and added fajita beef or chicken meat, then you're missing a taste delight. Or opening a Greek giro sandwich and sprinkling tabuli on it, rolling it up, and chowing down. Or perhaps, warming last night's gibbi and Monday night's butter mash potatoes and black eyed peas for lunch. Get the picture?
Please submit your favorite one or two recipes or dishes to: [email protected]