A History of Malouf People

A History of Malouf People


"This descriptive history of the Zabbougha Maloofs is a wonderful undertaking and a nice (fresh) addition that brings to life a prominent page from the history of our large Maloof family." - George Hanna Malouf, from the Foreword

In 1907, Isa Iskandar Maalouf published in Arabic the most thorough history of any family in Lebanon - a history of the Maloof family entitled Records of Ripened Fruit in the History of the Maloof Children. In 1991, George Hanna Malouf published the English translation of Isa's book, which is entitled Maloof, The Ghassani Legacy. Along with George's remarkable translation, he updated the branches of the Maloof family since 1907. However, since 1907, the Maloofs emigrated from Lebanon in large numbers and George was dependent upon the entire family submitting information to him from around the world - a nearly impossible endeavor.

Thus, the update was unfortunately incomplete. With A History Of The Malouf People Of The Min'em Malouf Sub-Branch - Including A History Of Zabbougha, Lebanon, The Birth Place Of The Min'em Malouf Progeny, Charles Malouf Samaha spent over five years updating a specific branch of the Maloof family bringing the family tree current. The book includes well-researched biographies on three well known Maloufs from Zabbougha: writer/diplomat Nassif Mallouf, attorney/politician Faris S. Malouf, and Archbishop Joseph (Rasheed) Malouf. All Lebanese are sure to treasure this rich history. Charles Malouf Samaha is an attorney in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Well known Arabic historian and professor of Kansas State University,
Michael Suleiman, calls the book, "majestic" and "elegant".

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